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Keira Bass-Taylor is the visionary leader and founder of Taylor’d Homes, and Taylor’d 2U Consulting.  This Atlanta native is known for her acute sense of perfection, and need for opulence. She is charmingly witty, and doesn’t discuss problems, only solutions! She leads by example by keeping her team on their toes at all times; making it clear that, at the end of the day, the goal is to “cross the finish line the right way”. She has an enormous vision, an even bigger heart, and can always seem to close the deal.  With a plan to conquer Georgia, our process of short term rentals, investment properties, and fixer-uppers will turn any weekend getaway, interior design project, or your property management dreams into a reality with Taylor’d Homes. We provide top-notch service, quality accommodations and years of experience to meet the need of each individual client.

As a specialist in short term rentals, investment properties, fixer-uppers, and interior design, Keira is sure to deliver top-notch accommodations and consultations specific to each individual client’s need because of her experience and knack for style. As an Atlanta native, Keira brings to her clients a powerful and diverse educational background with degrees in business and criminal justice from Jacksonville State University. As a proud member of the U.S. Air Force, she brings a robust background and makes it her personal mission to “Empower potential female business owners to follow their dreams and not be afraid to establish their footprint on the earth.” Keira is also the owner of Taylor’d 2U Consulting which offers full-service credit repair and financial education for wealth building. This second enterprise is designed around the small business start-up model where again “The client is the main focus.”

So, if you are serious about taking your business dreams, desires and ideas to the next level, don't hesitate to call Keira

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